10-on-10 | June 2014

I can’t believe it’s already June! For my final 10-on-10 post, it’ll be series of iPhone pictures of what my May looked like.  May was a fun month full of firsts! Hope you enjoy a glimpse of our lives. To check out other photographers 10-on-10 post, scroll to the bottom of the post to see their links.  Happy Tuesday!

We started the month by a sweet date night with my hot husband at Sunfest where we got to watch Ellie Goulding perform & watched fireworks.

By baby turned 5 in May (which I’m happy & sad to post my next blog – cuz my baby is now 6 months old sniff sniff).

Ethan got his 2nd tooth!

I had the best first Mother’s Day! My husband made me a delicious breakfast, bought me the diaper I wanted & made the sweetest Mother’s Day journal.

Oh yea, and he bought me a new car!!

Ethan and I do daily pictures.

Our first time at the zoo as a family.

Ethan can hold a bottle like a pro.

We did a whole lot of baby wearing because it was a tough month with separation anxiety.

Silly family selfies =)

And we ended the month with Ethan’s first road trip to visit Aunt Gloria!

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